Who Manages Your Training?

The importance of managing staff training and development cannot be overstated. The SETA regulations, SARS Skills Levy, BEE score card and EE compliance issues are all impacted by proper skills planning. Unfortunately many organisations cannot afford a full time training manager. So, what to do?

Many organisation appoint a ‘once off’ Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) to assist with the annual WSP/ATR submissions. Although there is value in doing this, the SDF may not fully understand what the business requires w.r.t skills development and may only be submitting for compliance reasons.

The solutions lies in finding a person who is as passionate about your people as you are.

METSA now offers a full training management service with fees from as little as R2 000.00 per month*. Our service includes (but is not limited to):

  • Annual Skills Gap Analysis and Training Needs Analysis
  • Staff performance plans
  • Workplace Skills Plan development and SETA submission
  • Annual Training plan submission
  • Monthly monitoring and evaluation of training plan
  • Sourcing of quotations and training providers
  • Management of training administration
  • SETA Liaison and reporting
  • Employee inductions
  • Training contracts
  • EE / BEE Assistance and advice
  • Plan, coordinate and direct all training activities
  • Monitor training effectiveness and measure ROI
  • Management of training budgets

Why use us?

  • We have 14 years experience in Education, Training and Development
  • Over 3000 students registered and trained in the past
  • Over 100 WSP/ATR submissions with various SETA’s
  • We’ve worked with some of the largest hotel, retail and restaurant groups in the country
  • Fully Accredited with CATHSSETA (so we understand the back-end)
  • We’ve secured over R1 Million in training funding for clients
  • We’ve run mentorship programmes for 15 SMME’s
  • We’ve managed small and large training projects in urban and rural areas
  • We have an absolute passion for the development of people

Let us take the headache away and help you navigate your way around training and development.

Give us a call or send us an email.

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