Extractorhoods supplies and maintains decarbonising Extract Tank’s for use in commercial kitchens. There is the standard 180 litre model and a larger 280 litre model for more demanding environments.

Decarbonating tanks are specifically designed to remove grease and carbon deposits from a wide range of kitchen equipment. Whether it’s extraction filters, baking trays, pans, oven racks or other similar pieces of equipment, decarbonising units deal with all utensils efficiently and hygienically, and will increase the life expectancy of your kitchen equipment.

The decarbonising soak tanks are made of stainless steel, and the elements to be cleaned are placed in the side panels. Water is heated to a temperature of 60-80 degrees – the perfect temperature for the removal of the toughest grease marks, quickly and efficiently.

Our Extrack Tanks are available on a full service rental basis which includes the supply of chemicals and maintenance of the tanks.


Fat Trap Services : We clean and disinfect all floor and under basin fat traps:

Extract Tank is a registered waist Water Management Company with the Mbombela district municipality.

Before the service-

After the Service – 

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