Penny Wise and Pound Foolish…

Unfortunately, the saying is true. We have seen this time and again with poor installations and cheap cleans that ‘promise’ to be worth it but end up being a fly by night. So, let’s tackle this sensitive issue of cheap prices for canopy cleaning.

We are aware of organizations moving into the lowveld and offering rock bottom prices for canopy cleaning. Before you decide that price is king, consider the following questions:

Are you receiving quality?

The short and definite answer is a resounding NO! After 10 years in the industry we can confidently tell you that an organization that offers cheap prices are not cleaning your canopy and ducting to the standard that it is supposed to be. The SANS act clearly provides the guidelines for a ‘proper’ canopy clean and stipulates the cleaning of the fan, ducting and the canopy itself, ‘TO THE BEAR METAL’. Our experience has shown us that cheap cleans will only clean your canopy and, maybe, the fan. The ducting is seldom touched, leaving you with the fire risk.

Will your insurance pay out if there is a fire?

Well, probably not. A fire inspector will evaluate the cause of the fire and will also look for possible sources of fuel that would have fed the fire. One of the areas the inspector looks at is the internal ducting. If this has not been cleaned, insurance will probably not pay out. Cheap cleans will most likely not clean internal ducting. This can also lead to other issues such as oil leaks. If you are unsure, ask for before and after photos to ensure the ducting has in fact been cleaned.

What if there is a breakdown?

The biggest challenge with sourcing cheap cleaning is that most of these organizations are not locally based. If you do have a breakdown (or any other issue during the clean) there is no backup as the managers and offices are in a different province. We have been called out many times before to assist with repairs caused by other organizations, leaving the customer with a cost that is double or triple the cost of the original clean.

How long ‘should’ a clean normally take?

Experience has told us that the time it takes to properly clean a canopy and ducting is determined by the size of the canopy. The following serves as a guideline:

  • Small canopy: 3 – 5 hours, 4 people cleaning
  • Medium canopy: 4 – 6 hours, 4 people cleaning
  • Large canopy: 8 – 10 hours, 6 people cleaning

Cheap cleans are normally done within 2 – 3 hours, irrespective of the size of the canopy. It is impossible to clean properly within these timeframes.

There are probably another 100 reasons to not buy cheap, but we are sure you understand our concern. Ultimately, the responsibility of ensuring the canopy, ducting and fan are clean lies with the owner of the organization.

Protect yourself, your staff and your business and choose a canopy cleaning company that is reputable and does the job right!

Choose Extractor Hoods.

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