Chim Chimney, Chim Chimney

Our team recently braved the freezing temperatures of Dullstroom to assist the towns folks with much needed De-carbonizing Chimney Sweeps. We spent two days in this beautiful town and discovered that chimney maintenance is grossly undervalued in our country.

We decided to go to Dullstroom after receiving more than 40 enquiries for chimney sweeps through our Dullstroom agent. Here are some of the problems we encountered:

On the first day we met a client who was complaining that the smoke from their fireplace sometimes blew into the house. Our initial suspicions were that this may be due to bats or a bird nest inside the chimney. We inspected the fireplace and the chimney and didn’t notice anything broken or out of place. It wasn’t until our team opened up the chimney that we found the problem:

Chimney with insulation trapped inside
Chimney after removing insulation

A previous attempt at cleaning the chimney resulted in the roof insulation getting trapped inside the chimney. This created an airflow problem and caused the smoke to billow into the house on occasion. This was obviously a huge fire hazard as well! Our team quickly went to work and made sure that the insulation was clear of the edges and that the chimney had a clear vent. Potential crisis averted!

The next day our team was met with ice, freezing temperatures and a host of chimney’s to clean. We sprang to work and managed to assist all of our clients for the day.

The vehicles did not like the cold
Evidence of the cold
All of that from one chimney?

One of the last chimney’s we did on the day provided evidence of just how important regular chimney sweeping really is. The client was very surprised when this mountain of soot was cleaned from her chimney.

Apart from the obvious fire risk, this carbon build up also prevents proper air flow and may result in smoke coming back into the room. Not pleasant for anyone.



Our team arrived home and was greeted with many more enquiries for chimney sweeps. We’ll be back Dullstroom, We’ll be back.



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