ExtractorHoods provides a full range of commercial and industrial kitchen cleaning services including Kitchen Deep Cleaning, Kitchen canopy and Extraction system Cleaning, Duct Work Cleaning and the supply and maintenance of decarbonising Extract Tanks. We have been supplying our services to the industry for the past eleven years across Mpumalanga and Limpopo. Our unrivaled reputation for prompt response to enquiries, followed by high quality work and excellent reporting and administration have given us over 300 satisfied clients.  All of our services are provided by well trained professional staff who cause as little disruption to your business as possible while still giving you the best possible overall kitchen maintenance service.

Whether it is for insurance cover, a Fire Safety Order or even Environmental Health, Extractor Hoods supplies the value for money answer for your Commercial Kitchen Cleaning needs.

About the Owner


Rudi Hälbich 

Rudi has been at the helm of Extractor Hoods for the past 12 years. Having done canopy cleans himself, Rudi is no stranger to ‘what it takes’ to ensure canopies and ducting are cleaned in line with the SANS act. Rudi is a qualified Sheetmetal worker and Welder and has extensive technical experience in the design, manufacturing and installations of kitchen extraction and fresh air systems.




Extractor Hoods incorporates a wide variety of specialized skills and services which range from Industrial kitchen and extraction cleaning to customized sheet metal work, hospitality training and consulting and supply of De-Carbonizing soak tanks.

We believe in providing exceptional levels of customer service and strive to keep our customers happy, no matter what. Click on the links below for more information on these services:

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Extractorhoods supplies and maintains decarbonising Extract Tank’s for use in commercial kitchens. There is the standard 180 litre model and a larger 280 litre model for more demanding environments.

Decarbonating tanks are specifically designed to remove grease and carbon deposits from a wide range of kitchen equipment. Whether it’s extraction filters, baking trays, pans, oven racks or other similar pieces of equipment, decarbonising units deal with all utensils efficiently and hygienically, and will increase the life expectancy of your kitchen equipment.

The decarbonising soak tanks are made of stainless steel, and the elements to be cleaned are placed in the side panels. Water is heated to a temperature of 60-80 degrees – the perfect temperature for the removal of the toughest grease marks, quickly and efficiently.

Our Extrack Tanks are available on a full service rental basis which includes the supply of chemicals and maintenance of the tanks.


Fat Trap Services : We clean and disinfect all floor and under basin fat traps:

Extract Tank is a registered waist Water Management Company with the Mbombela district municipality.

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